Faster mobile start up time

New features

  • 2x faster start up time on mobile 💪
    Faster mobile apps have been a top request for a long time. Your voices are heard! We've been tinkering behind the scenes, re-writing huge chunks of the apps in native, and quietly pushing updates over the past few weeks.
    We know there's so much more to do here to make Notion even faster — this is just the beginning! Here are the results we have so far, showing the % of iOS & Android users for whom the first part of the app (before content) starts in...
    😃 Less than 1.5 seconds

    iOS start up time (before content loads), last 60 days

    Android start up time (before content loads), last 60 days
    And here's what that looks like in practice: now you can add a note in the time Notion used to take to boot up!

  • Simpler design for new pages on mobile 📝
    We streamlined what it takes to create a new page on mobile, so it's even easier to start a quick note. Database views and templates are now tucked inside the Choose a template button above your keyboard.

  • Full width pages on iPad & Android tablets 🎚
    Now that iPad and Android tablets support multi-column layouts, we added support for full-width pages too. This lets you take full advantage of the larger screen size!

  • iPadOS Slideover and Multitasking support 🎛

    Use Notion alongside other apps on your iPad by dragging up from your dock. We also made the app more responsive to different screen widths (it works like a mini iPhone app for narrow widths).

  • Self-referential filters in database templates ⚙️
    If you use databases inside databases to manage subtasks, you used to have to manually rebuild filters for each new entry (i.e. "only show me tasks relevant to this database entry"). Now, you can filter linked databases by within a database template for a more automated workflow.

    Try it for yourself with this step-by-step guide →

Bug Fixes & improvements

  • Mobile loading screen now supports dark mode — easier on the eyes 👀

  • Dark mode is now synced with your system dark mode settings on Android 10+

  • Code blocks are now fenced in Markdown exports instead of indented

  • Audio, video, and image blocks now display helpful error messages if something went wrong

  • Improved error screens on mobile

  • Changed the Page Lock banner on iPad & Android tablets to take up less space

  • Fixed a bug that caused fonts to render incorrectly in Chrome browsers

  • Fixed a bug that caused pages to appear too narrow on certain tablets

  • Fixed a bug that put black text on a black background during login in dark mode

  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to revert to mobile view on tablets when the keyboard was open in landscape orientation

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Windows App to show a blank screen for some users

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