Notion 2.7 🎊


Other Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved CJK support for search
    Upgraded search to better handle Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters.

  • Improved Checkbox Property
    Check or uncheck a todo checkbox property in any database view without having to click into an actual page.

  • Improved Export
    When you export a page as Markdown or CSV with subpages, the folder hierarchy is preserved in the zip file.

  • Added new warning messages for actions that might impact your whole team β€” like when you create a new top-level page for a 10+ person workspace.

  • You can now reset your zoom level to 100% with cmd/Ctrl + 0.

  • If you have a few database pages selected and then open a page preview, your selection will be retained when you click out of the preview window.

  • Navigating across blocks with different indentation levels now feels more natural when using the arrow keys.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented mobile signup on small screens.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented multiple images from being uploaded at once on iOS.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented invoices over two years old from displaying in Billing settings.

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