Thanks to Notion, TheFork sharpens its organization

TheFork, an online restaurant booking platform, launched in France in 2007. Affiliated with TripAdvisor since 2014, it now employs 1,000 people and operates in over 20 countries across Europe, showcasing more than 60,000 eateries. But TheFork isn’t just for those seeking a bite to eat: the company also offers a suite of management tools for restaurant owners.

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Nicholas Suter

Head of Architecture

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Collaboration, perfectly executed

TheFork's Notion workspace is the digital heart of this fast-growing company, containing over 95,000 pages serving nearly 1,000 people. With teams spread across Europe, from Paris and London to Milan, Notion centralizes everything they need to know: the entire team can access all documentation, even simultaneously, at any time. Notion pages are simple to edit and keep up-to-date.

Bringing teams and their documents together
Notion is our go-to tool for capturing and managing knowledge.
Nicholas Suter
Nicholas Suter
Head of Architecture

Five-star databases

The magic behind TheFork’s Notion workspace is a sophisticated system: Three interconnected databases cover company structure and organization charts, policies and procedures, and project management — all down to the nitty-gritty technical stuff. A Notion onboarding page helps new users get up-to-speed from day one.

But don't be daunted by its complexity; Notion is surprisingly easy to use! Viewing information through tables or lists makes it a snap to find just what one needs, while keywords streamline search. Archived notes and meeting minutes round out TheFork’s knowledge base; everything is at one’s fingertips.

Powerful databases made simple

Recipes for success

For Nicholas, one of the main benefits of Notion is how quickly he and his team can create high-quality documents. To make this even easier, they’ve created templates such as this one for the technical analysis of new features. One click enables thorough documentation — users just need to fill in the appropriate fields and add links or attachments (like screenshots) if desired.

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Documentation that’s coherent and delightfully engaging
With Notion, anyone can easily create high-quality documents.
Nicholas Suter
Nicholas Suter
Head of Architecture

Streamlined communication

Communicating on Notion is as easy as collaborating (which is to say, very). As emails and meetings multiply, TheFork instead relies on shared Notion pages to save valuable time. Working together on the same document, the team can simultaneously use comments and mention colleagues by name to efficiently reach consensus and close the loop on endless back-and-forths.

Nicholas sees Notion's compatibility with other tools as a huge plus. With email falling out of style internally, Slack enables sharing of Notion pages with rich previews that make it a breeze to see summaries of important documents and who wrote them. You can also embed Slack messages into a Notion page; teams at TheFork utilize this feature to make sure their incident reports capture the full picture.

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