How uses Notion to reach more people in need helps make the US immigration process easy, safe, and free for low-income individuals. They use Notion as their operating system to mobilize resources and scale their impact.

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Fernando Urbina

Director of Outreach

Lavinia Teodorescu

Director of Digital Marketing

Jonathan Petts

Co-founder & Exec. Director

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Aligning the team with a central homepage

As a small and fully-remote company, Immigration Help's team collaboration needs to be rock solid before they can help anyone else. To stay on the same page, they built a wiki in Notion to house all company info. Everything from their mission and values to their meeting notes live in this homepage so it's easily accessible.

With this wiki, it's never unclear what the company stands for and their priorities.
Notion has been a lifesaver for managing our team's knowledge. It helps us move faster as a team so we can serve more immigrants.
Lavinia Teodorescu
Lavinia Teodorescu
Director of Digital Marketing

Getting maximum exposure with systematized outreach

Five million people are trying to enter the US every day. But only a fraction of them know what resources are available to them. Getting press is crucial for Immigration Help's team to publicize their free services to the people who need them and attract more funding.

In Notion, the team organizes all media outreach and interviews in a database. Custom properties like due date, email and phone number make sure that the team is fully prepared for every potential interview.

"We're constantly contacting different news outlets and journalists," says Fernando. "Tracking all our outreach in Notion helps us build better relationships and get featured more often."

The team can see at a glance what interviews are coming up and when.

Manage all fundraising work in the same tool

As a non-profit, fundraising can make or break the company. Applying for grants in particular is a multi-stage process with many moving pieces. Using a Notion kanban board, the team tracks the status of every grant. They write the applications in here too — each grant has its own page where teammates can collaborate on drafts and give feedback. Consolidating all this work in Notion helps the team submit on time and receive more funding.

stack of papers
Multiple teammates can work in the same Notion page for easy collaboration.
Before, it was so hard to stay on top of fundraising. Now that we use Notion, we've raised 100,000 dollars just in the last year.
Fernando Urbina
Fernando Urbina
Director of Outreach

Keeping a tight feedback loop to improve their services

Immigration Help's mission is to make the immigration process as easy and painless as possible. To do that, they need to constantly gather feedback, decide what to improve, then roll out those updates.

All of this is tracked in Notion — the team keeps a running database of feedback from their clients, as well as a product roadmap and bug tracker. All ongoing projects, big and small live in these databases so that the team can prioritize what to do next and when.

The engineering team can easily see what types of bugs exist and which have not been resolved yet.

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