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Levels makes institutional knowledge discoverable with Notion

Levels helps you track your health with biowearables. Its team uses Notion to tear down information silos and make company knowledge accessible to every team member.

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Sam Corcos

Co-founder and CEO

Use cases

An office tour… on Notion

As a remote-first company, Levels doesn’t have an in-person onboarding process. Without nuanced face-to-face conversations, it’s hard to set new employees up for success.

So the team built a master onboarding checklist in Notion to act as a day one starter kit. Each step — meet the team, set up your accounts, join our LinkedIn — has a detailed doc and a pre-recorded video.

The Notion page is a consistent entry point that sets the perfect foundation for every single employee. Nothing gets missed and new hires can learn at their own pace.

checklist illustration
Deliver a pitch-perfect onboarding experience by creating personalized Notion pages for each new hire.
Onboarding is interactive — you can check things off as you complete them. It’s much better than an email.
Sam Corcos
Sam Corcos
Co-founder and CEO

Cultivating a culture of note-taking

To get decision-making context out of employees’ heads, the team started documenting all project docs on Notion.

They use a table for all strategy and planning docs, with custom fields to assign ownership, track project status, and record its progress. Since team members live around the world, everyone reviews docs asynchronously. There's a dedicated section for feedback so that every Notion page is a living document that evolves over time.

“We don’t delete comments or feedback,” says Sam. “Having all decisions logged in Notion allows future teammates to see how ideas developed within the company.”

Now they have a permanent record of ideas, complete with context and discussion embedded in the doc. Everyone sees the whole picture, rather than their individual perspective.

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Create a permanent record of every idea, decision, and conversation on Notion.

One notebook for the whole team

In the wild world of startups, things change quickly. The team needed a way to keep a record of everyone they’ve talked to and collaborated with to minimize duplicate work.

They moved all of their meeting notes into one Notion database to make them searchable. Meeting templates help them keep future docs consistent.

Before a call, they just hit the template button to generate a document with an agenda. Now, nothing is locked in people’s heads or lost in private documents.

Illustration – People Looking at Document
Document meetings and add structure with templates.
Discoverability is really important. When your information lives within the same set of databases, it's a lot easier to locate information and interlink content.
Sam Corcos
Sam Corcos
Co-founder and CEO

Sharing startup tactics to build brand

Levels has a strong learning culture — and they want to share that with the world. Depending on the doc, the team needs to share with individual employees, the entire company, or the wider world.

“In Notion, you can effortlessly create different levels of confidentiality,” Sam says. “We have databases that are only shared with the leadership team and thought leadership articles accessible to the public.”

One document on how Levels runs meetings went viral, helping other startups make more effective decisions in meetings. Notion allows the company to lift the curtain on the things they're comfortable sharing while keeping all their trade secrets under lock and key.

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Levels shares operational documents to help other startups improve their processes.

Make company knowledge transparent with Notion

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