Boxed's wiki boosts speed and alignment

Boxed sells household goods in bulk online. Sounds simple, but it requires a ton of logistics. Their Notion wiki puts all their info a click away, makes it collaborative, and helps them document process so it can scale.

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William Fong

Co-founder & CTO

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Takes minutes to build.
Intuitive for anyone to edit.

Co-founder and CTO William Fong knew that if only a few people felt comfortable editing the company's wiki, it would get stale and inevitably die. Notion made it simple for the whole team to create and share documents, capture notes, codify processes, and more. This turned their knowledge base into a vibrant two-way street and central resource for all employees.

"I immediately loved the ease and flexibility of creating content. A lot of other tools are more rigid. This is something everyone can crowdsource," he says.

Flying Pages Illustration
Add a new page with just a few keystrokes. Drag and drop to rearrange.
If you're new to the codebase, reading our tech team's wiki is the best way to understand our approach and standards, and learn why past decisions got made.
William Fong
William Fong
Co-founder & CTO

Layers of information.
Clear navigation.

By nesting pages inside pages, the Boxed team can easily jump from their main wiki to the tech team's homepage, to their engineering handbook — or to the page for just the mobile app team to collaborate. Everything has its place and is intuitive to find. Every team has its own destination to stay organized how they want.

Notion's sidebar provides a flexible index that adapts to any organization's structure. Pages can be rearranged instantly with drag and drop. And it provides both a bird's eye view of everything going on at the company, and clear pathways to dig into the details.

Boxed Sidebar
Pages are nested in the sidebar to create a custom structure.

Documentation that scales process as fast 
as the team

When a company's growing as fast as Boxed, nailing onboarding becomes a big advantage — especially if you can automate tasks and still make the experience feel personalized. William was able to do exactly that by creating a checklist of onboarding actions any hiring manager can copy and customize for new recruits. The end result makes every first day feel tailor-made and helps new folks get spun up fast.

"Onboarding is completely documented in Notion so we can guide people through what they need to know in the right order," he says.

Growing Books Illustration
An inline checklist helps onboard new tech employees.
We now have everything in one place — our org structure, OKRs, everything you'd need to understand how the company is organized and works together. It makes a big difference.
William Fong
William Fong
Co-founder & CTO

Collaboration tools that 
keep content fresh

The average wiki gets outdated and useless fast. It's published by a couple people to be consumed by many, making it feel more like a static reference book. Few people use it. Many forget it's even there.

The best wikis are interactive. They feel dynamic, like the product of many conversations, decisions — the active generation of knowledge.

Notion unlocks this potential with a full suite of collaboration tools. At Boxed, people leave comments, open discussions on projects, mention teammates to pull them into work as needed, flag old material, and more. Pages evolve as the work evolves, so that their wiki remains a trustworthy, living resource for everyone.

Boxed Comments
Comment anywhere to keep docs up-to-date.

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