How Deel uses Notion to keep its global remote team on the same page

Deel is a global payroll and compliance tool to help companies hire remotely. With a fully remote team working out of a number of time zones, Deel relies on Notion to provide a comprehensive, self-directed onboarding experience for its employees.

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Meltem Kuran

Head of Growth

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Onboarding from afar

In the last year, Deel has grown their team by more than 10x. They’re also fully remote, with employees around the world. So they needed an intuitive and self-directed onboarding experience.

New hires use the “Team Home” workspace to access wikis on resources, policies, people, and the company itself. “The Team” wiki is especially helpful — new hires can see a summary of every Deel employee, including a photo, where they’re from, and what their role is.

Everything new hires need to know about the company and team is in Notion.
Anything that exists in anyone’s brain is also recorded in Notion. Someone could join Deel and onboard themselves without ever speaking to anybody.
Meltem Kuran
Meltem Kuran
Head of Growth

Every teammate can unblock their own work

Different time zones can lead to coworkers bottlenecking each other. Deel created a vast content library that gives employees the tools they need to answer their own questions.

For example, a new hire on the sales team who wants to know more about existing email marketing campaigns would be able to find their way to those answers by clicking into the “Sales” workspace and exploring a database of all email campaigns and their results.

“Similar to how Slack changed the game for messaging, Notion changed the game for knowledge sharing,” says Head of Growth Meltem Kuran. “We could have set this up with Google Drive, but it would have been more difficult. Being able to link and embed things and present them clearly makes it easier for people to find what they need.”

Deel 2
Employees can self-direct their way through answering any questions they have.
Because of the way we structured our knowledge in Notion, people can get the answers they need on their own time without having any questions.
Meltem Kuran
Meltem Kuran
Head of Growth

Finding clarity through standardization

When things look clean, they’re clearer. Deel employees are contributing to Notion all the time, so information needs to be standardized.

In Notion, header sizes, text colors, and even column spacing are pre-set. Every document is easy to read and understand, whether you're creating a proposal, a design spec, or a company handbook.

The formatting guardrails Notion provides allows Deel to streamline their workspace content.
Not everyone is an expert at creating visually appealing docs. We rely on Notion's formatting to keep our content consistent and easy to understand.
Meltem Kuran
Meltem Kuran
Head of Growth

Specialized knowledge is easy to find

As a team working on a payroll product, employees need to keep their international payroll compliance knowledge sharp. Sometimes it takes weeks or even months to fully learn everything employees need to know. In Notion, Deel set up technical wikis for everything from GDPR to Anti-Money Laundering policies.

“All the mandatory policies that we expect employees to learn would have been in a welcome email without Notion," says Meltem. "By keeping this in Notion, we can provide a consistent experience with information that’s up-to-date.”

Each employee can learn at their own rate without having information withheld from them. These resources give everyone the information they need to do their job confidently and knowledgeably.

Deel 4
Employees can find any specialized terms or definitions in the Notion wiki.

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