Blinkist’s hiring process unlocks growth with quality

Blinkist makes downtime a learning opportunity, providing insights from best-selling books in bite-sized formats. In Notion, the company's recruiters built a repeatable system that ensures a great candidate experience.

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Milica Radojevic

People Experience Partner

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Every hiring process starts with the same playbook

Before, teams at Blinkist lacked a hiring resource center, with scattered information leading to a less consistent process. Now, Blinkist centralizes all hiring materials, training, and processes in Notion. Interview guidelines, referral tips, job descriptions and more are all reference pages within the hiring workspace, making for a synchronized and efficient system. Filling a role? Everything’s here.

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Blinkist keeps all its hiring information in one place.
Notion helps us make sure our processes are all set up, and everything for kicking off a hiring process is available in one place.
Milica Radojevic
Milica Radojevic
People Experience Partner

A customizable template for each role

Hiring managers at Blinkist wanted to follow the same process for all roles, but realized that each one would have to be customized to the function and seniority of who they were looking for.

That's why, inside the hiring workspace, they have a whole page of templates that can be easily copied and adapted.

"Notion helps us guide hiring managers through the process, while also making it very self-service," says Milica.

Whether it's sourcing or assigning tasks, hiring managers use existing templates to curate the best experience for interviewees, while simultaneously following a company hiring processes proven to work.

Blinkist - candidate documents
Templates are customized to meet each hiring manager's needs.

Candidate-facing resources that set them up for success

Blinkist also uses Notion to create personalized pages for candidates that they share before onsite interviews. It’s designed to set expectations for the process, answer questions, and provide a bit more info about the team and culture. It’s also a helpful resource for interviewers on hiring loops to see where they fit into the schedule and what they should focus on.

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Blinkist candidates get their own pages for all relevant information.
We use Notion to create a branded and consistent candidate experience throughout the whole hiring process.
Milica Radojevic
Milica Radojevic
People Experience Partner

A new way to share updates & build institutional memory

Blinkist found that creating a company-wide newsletter in Notion was far more effective than sharing hiring updates via email or messengers. The latter are ephemeral and easily ignored. Notion turns news into knowledge that can always be used later.

The entire company can see the recruiting team’s list of monthly newsletters, which keep everyone briefed on who’s joining and their background. Notion makes it easy to provide more context, link to portfolios, and add photos to put faces to new names. Links to newsletters are then conveniently circulated on Slack.

Blinkist newsletter
Blinkist's hiring newsletter is a shared Notion page.
On Notion, everything is in one place and everyone can find what they need on their own. We have cut down on interruptions, and stayed more focused on priorities.
Milica Radojevic
Milica Radojevic
People Experience Partner

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