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Chipper Cash drives more intentional work with Notion

Chipper Cash helps three million people send and receive money across Africa and beyond. Its global team adopted a culture of documentation on Notion to cut unnecessary meetings and produce a single source of truth for every idea, task, and project.

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Maijid Moujaled

Co-founder and President

Hasan Luongo

VP of Growth Marketing

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With a rapidly expanding business, Chipper Cash knew their knowledge management system needed to change, too. Writing things down wasn't the problem—it was all the random files floating around Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft Office. No one knew what was usable or up-to-date.

With Notion, Chipper Cash shifted to a more intentional system to document their work. Each project, whether it's a marketing campaign or feature spec, has one doc with all updates recorded. It's a more efficient and trusted system of documentation.

From conceptualization to execution, project pages track the progress of all of Chipper Cash's projects.
Having all project decisions written down and shared across the organization doesn't eliminate the need for questions, but it's so much easier to find answers.
Maijid Moujaled
Maijid Moujaled
Co-founder and President

A unified roadmap to manage increasingly complex launches

As part of this culture shift, Chipper Cash created one database for all projects in flight, linking together previously disparate data. For a startup that grew from 700,000 users to 3.5 million in one year, having one roadmap was a blessing — especially since they’re launching features that require more cross-functional work than ever.

“There are so many more levels of detail, so things take longer to build now,” says Hasan. “It's not just me and the co-founder hacking something over the weekend."

With all project specs, discussions, and assets collected together, people can focus on their work, rather than searching for information and sending emails.

Chipper Cash 2
Chipper Cash’s 100+ employees coordinate their work from a central roadmap, helping them prioritize their work and stay aligned.
Notion doesn’t help us ship things faster — it helps us ship better.
Hasan Luongo
Hasan Luongo
VP of Growth Marketing

Asynchronous updates that replace meetings

A growing team also ushered in more meetings. Product in particular was holding multiple meetings a week to report on progress, challenges, and opportunities.

With Notion, the team shifted to more asynchronous communication. Instead of relying on standing meetings to share knowledge, people build living project documents with sections for tasks, questions, and discussions.

When an engineer solves a problem or needs support, they immediately update the relevant project document, rather than waiting for a progress meeting.
Notion has reduced meetings by 15%. Across 100 people, that’s a significant saving.
Maijid Moujaled
Maijid Moujaled
Co-founder and President

Request templates that anticipate questions

Another team that's benefited from more intentional communication is design. Instead of vague requests for graphics or landing pages, they use a template in Notion.

The template prompts people to think more deeply about what they actually need. That way, the conversation can jump to more informed discussion and designers can make progress faster. There's no need to chase teammates on Slack for answers to basic questions.

"The Notion template worked so well with our design team that we're rolling it out to other departments," says Hasan.

Chipper Cash 4
Most employees don’t know what designers need to get started. Chipper Cash’s request template keeps them on track.

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