Pave team’s way forward with a technology roadmap

A strong technology roadmap streamlines your business growth, operational development, and new process implementation.

Build and implement a clear technology roadmap in Notion

Solid tech planning can support your company’s growth-oriented innovation and help you avoid technical debt. Stay in touch with your technical capabilities' evolution over time with a thorough roadmap that outlines what resources you have available, what you need, and more.

Build and implement a clear technology roadmap in Notion

Use Notion’s technology roadmap template to easily:

  • Collaborate with your tech team via commenting and sharing

  • Visualize your goals and releases

  • Tag milestones with specific dates

  • Organize statuses to quickly spot potential risks and dependencies

Build and implement a clear technology roadmap in Notion

How to create a technology roadmap in Notion

  1. Sign up for Notion.

  2. Duplicate a technology roadmap template.

  3. Create a new entry and assign the appropriate properties, like department, type of tech, and teams that need it.

  4. Provide a status for each entry.

  5. Invite team members to collaborate.

How to create a technology roadmap in Notion

Use Notion to create the most efficient technology roadmap

Use a technology roadmap template to easily align your team on critical tasks and milestones.


What is a technology roadmap?

A technology roadmap is a visualization that covers all crucial aspects of your company's technology use. It should include current software, future implementations, training initiatives, and contingency plans for potential errors or failures.

What is a simple technology roadmap example?

Transitioning from one customer relationship management (CRM) system to another would be a common example of a simple technology roadmap. The roadmap would show when the switch from one system to another will occur, along with any necessary employee training . It would also call out potential issues and create a safety plan to deal with any that arise.

Should I use a technology roadmap template?

Using a technology roadmap template saves valuable time by simplifying the documentation process and ensuring that your team includes all crucial information. Customizable templates like Notion’s give you a structure for organizing your team’s core information and adding other sections as needed.