Promote alignment and transparency with a team charter

Use a team charter to ensure that everyone understands expectations and feels supported to do great work.

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Chart your team's goals, tasks, and resources in Notion’s connected workspace

A team charter is a comprehensive operational plan that lays out group details such as overall objectives, resources, and constraints. You can organize all this information in Notion, a centralized and highly customizable workspace.

Team charter designed on Notion

Create a team charter in Notion to:

  • Share a single source of truth with your team

  • Clearly define expectations and available support

  • Adjust timelines and checklists in real time to accurately track progress

  • Collaborate with stakeholders by inviting them to your workspace

project charter template on notion

How to create a team charter in Notion

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. On a new page, designate blocks to categories such as “Objectives,” “Resources,” and “Tasks.” Or, begin with a template.

  3. Add team members, define roles, and assign tasks. 

  4. Create a calendar to track milestones, goals, and deadlines.

how to create a team charter

Define milestones and visualize progress with a team charter

Avoid miscommunications and support your employees with a centralized operational plan in Notion.


What’s a team charter?

A team charter defines and tracks the progress of your team's goals, available resources, and constraints. Although teams typically create charters when first working together, these documents are also an invaluable tool when you’re relaunching or assisting an established team.

What's a simple team charter example as it relates to projects?

A simple example of a project charter could be when a group collaborates on creating a new product. The charter might assign relevant employees to the team, define shared goals around the product’s implementation, and detail expectations for how each individual will help achieve these goals.

Is there a team charter template available in Notion?

Yes, Notion offers a project charter template and many more useful customizable documents. The project charter template includes every section you need to keep teammates and stakeholders informed about the project’s major requirements and deliverables, success factors, and risks.