Standardize your recruiting workflow with strategically created templates

Stay organized and efficient with easily customizable documents that you can share with the entire team.

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Start with a recruiting plan template in Notion

Ensure you meet your objective of hiring the best staff with an organized and strategic recruiting workflow. Notion offers thoughtfully-crafted hiring templates in a connected workspace to improve your retention rates and unite your recruitment team.

Recruiting outreach template

You can use Notion’s workspace to: 

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How to use Notion for your recruitment process

  1. Create an account. 

  2. On a new page, open up a recruitment template that suits your unique needs. 

  3. If you’re using an AI template, hit the spacebar to add AI prompt blocks.

  4. Fill out your template and share the document with relevant team members.

recruitment playbook template

Find great candidates and onboard them quickly with Notion’s recruiting tools

Welcome new team members efficiently so they can contribute meaningful work from day one.


How should I structure recruitment?

While the way you structure recruitment depends on your business’s size and unique hiring needs, a good general outline might determine your short and long-term hiring goals, define roles and job descriptions, and organize a hiring and onboarding process the organization should aim to follow.

What’s an example of a recruiting message?

A recruiting message is something you can send to candidates you’re interested in hiring. Here’s an example: 

Hi [name],

I’m [name], the hiring manager at [employer]. We're currently hiring for an entry-level [role], and I think you'd be a great fit. I encourage you to apply at [link] if you’re interested.

How do I write a recruitment email template?

Start by signing into your Notion account and opening up your favorite template. Then customize the template as desired by your enterprise — you’ll fill in your name, the role you’re offering, a link to the relevant application, etc. You can also consider using Notion’s integrated AI to develop emails that will win over candidates.