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Don’t forget a single detail with thoughtfully crafted and customizable templates to suit every great vision.

Project proposal template

Use Notion’s sales proposal and pitch templates to persuade every prospect

While you’ll typically write sales proposals and deliver pitches verbally, you can use both to showcase your to your team, manager, and stakeholders. Start from a template to ensure that your entire team delivers proposals and pitches consistently and you don’t lose any details.

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Using a Notion proposal or pitch template allows you to:

  • House these crucial documents in a centralized space

  • Enable all team members to view, edit, and deliver these documents

  • Ensure you present this information in a clear and organized way

Project proposal template

How to use Notion to create proposals and pitches

  1. Create a Notion account. 

  2. Download a proposal or pitch template from the template gallery and open it in a new page.

  3. Fill out the template, asking for feedback from teammates. 

  4. If it's an , hit the spacebar to prompt AI. You can use this tool to help you fill out your template.

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Feel supported and excited to share your next project with Notion’s tools

Win ‘em over by collaborating on strategic proposals and pitches in a connected workspace.


How do you write a business pitch?

A pitch is what you’ll use to present a business idea concisely and convincingly. You can leverage AI pitch software like Notion to help you write a pitch, or fill in a Notion template with your teammates. No matter your chosen method, the key goal when writing a business pitch is to express to the listener the problem and how your solution solves it.

How do you fill a business proposal template?

To fill out a business proposal, begin with a title page and create a table of contents to make information easier to find. Briefly summarize the problem and then outline your solution. Remember to include pricing options (if applicable) and your qualifications. Summarize the information in the conclusion and clarify your terms and conditions.

What does pitching a proposal mean?

Pitching a proposal means you're trying to convince someone of something. For example, if you're pitching a business proposal to stakeholders, you're trying to persuade them to invest in your idea by demonstrating that a problem exists and that you have the solution.