Write, share, and collaborate on PRDs in Notion

Create a tailored workflow for your team that brings in important context and provides space for feedback.

Product Requirements Document

Create a single source of truth for all project documentation

Create a central place where all PRDs live so that everyone has full context on projects happening across the team. And with customized templates, it’s easy to include all the important information without starting from scratch each time.

Check out our three tips for PRDs

Create a central place where all PRDs live

Notion’s connected workspace means that you can cross-reference other Notion pages or display information from other tools to help consolidate all your project information in one place. This streamlines the review process and helps your teammates share ideas quickly.

Notion’s connected workspace

Here’s how to build PRDs for you company in Notion

  1. Sign up for Notion and invite your team 

  2. Create a new page, then select Table, then hit  + New database on the right. 

  3. Hit New on the right to add a new page and start a new doc.

  4. Begin adding info to the page content and customize its properties. 

  5. Or, get started in one click using our templates below.

Use Notion to quickly spin up documents and get the right visibility.

Help your product and engineering teams efficiently communicate everything that needs to be included in a new product release.


What should be included in a Product Requirements Document (PRD)?

Include an overview of the Problem, Proposal, and Plan for the new product or feature your team is planning to build. To help your team quickly understand your proposal make sure to include embeds and link previews from other tools to provide the full context.

How can I share with my team to get feedback?

Make sure to invite your teammates to your document in the Share menu in the top right corner. They can give feedback by adding comments throughout the page content or adding a discussion at the top of the page.

What are best practices for keeping information up to date?

Projects change quickly and it’s important to provide up-to-date information for your team. Learn more about using synced blocks here.