Fuel business growth with more efficient process documentation

Implement more efficient documentation methods to optimize the efficiency of your company and team workflows.

Prevent problems by organizing your internal process documentation in Notion

Rapid growth plus disorganized internal process documentation can equal major communication issues, both across and within teams. Without proper documentation teams lack the clarity of centralized knowledge bases. Starting with a strong documentation template can reduce mistakes by ensuring that everyone has equal access to company info.

Prevent problems by organizing your internal process documentation in Notion

Notion simplifies process documentation by:

  • Creating a company knowledge base for streamlined information sharing across teams 

  • Letting every team member access documentation processes, forms, and knowledge 

Prevent problems by organizing your internal process documentation in Notion

How to write process documentation effectively

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. Open a new process doc by clicking “New” on the right-hand side of the page or adding a Notion template to your team space.

  3. Assign a process owner and any tags for easy searching.

  4. Document the process.

  5. Invite relevant team members to collaborate.

How to write process documentation effectively

Use Notion to streamline your process documentation 

Create and manage relevant documents in one connected workspace with our process documentation templates.


What is process documentation?

Process documentation is the act of recording all the steps necessary to complete a particular task. This creates uniformity across company procedures, decreasing the risk of team members missing crucial steps by helping ensure they know what’s expected of them.

What is a process documentation example?

One example of applying process documentation could be performance review guidelines. Your process documentation checklist might include:

  • Interviewing the employee under review

  • Discussing the employee’s performance with their manager and adding notes

  • Checking that quotas and team or individual goals were met

  • Recording each meeting with thorough notes to ensure visibility 

  • Setting new goals

  • Scheduling follow-ups 

Why is process documentation important?

Process documentation improves company performance and operational agility by giving employees a clear sense of how to accomplish tasks while limiting miscommunications. As businesses grow, they need to easily share procedural knowledge with new hires and stakeholders; process documentation facilitates that transfer.