Find and retain the best staff with streamlined people and org processes

Support your HR team with strategically designed people and organizational charts.

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Use Notion templates to improve your people management workflow

Human resources (HR) professionals serve a vital role by supporting employee needs and ensuring legal compliance. To best serve these efforts, you can streamline your people management workflow by using HR templates in a centralized workspace. Formalizing this process means new hires will enjoy a thoughtful and well-directed onboarding experience, and HR staff will be prepared to welcome new teammates.

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Use Notion templates, such as organizational charts and people directories, to:

  • Track applicants and their onboarding progress

  • Quickly share corporate wikis with new hires

  • Streamline operations by housing HR docs in one place

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How to use an HR template from Notion

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. Download a HR template that suits your needs and open it on a new page.

  3. Customize the template fields and fill them out. 

  4. Invite team members to collaborate.

  5. If you’re using an AI template, hit the spacebar to kickstart the AI writing tool to help you fill out your template.

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Get organized with Notion's org charts and HR templates

Ensure that everyone's on the same page and has the tools they need with customizable templates in a shared workspace.


What’s the best HR software?

Notion is an excellent choice when picking an HR software because it offers features that support HR teams and several templates to create employee directories. You can also create new boards that detail each project's objectives and store relevant information in your company wiki. And Notion makes it easy to build an inside your workspace, so new hires start smoothly.

What’s the best org chart software or program?

Notion offers comprehensive templates and powerful features which you can use to create organizational charts. You can then pair these documents with a wiki knowledge base to keep all your important information in one centralized program.

How do I create a people directory?

Start by creating a database in Notion or downloading a relevant template. Then add each employee's name to the database before returning to input person-specific information. Consider asking a teammate to double-check your work so you don't accidentally miss any employees.