Create your own movie tracker with Notion

Build a personalized watchlist and organize your favorite movies by genre, runtime, and rating.

A screenshot of a movie tracker built in Notion.

Never get stuck deciding what to watch again

With Notion you can build a database of every movie you see — or want to see — and organize them by genre, actor, director, themes, release year, runtime, rating, and more.

You can even store your own reviews, so when someone asks what your favorite movies are, you actually know.

A screenshot of a movie tracker with a specific movie page open.

Create a movie tracker in Notion to:

  • Write notes about your favorite movies, like reviews, summaries, and trivia

  • Search for specific movies by actor, genre, release year, and more

  • Create a to-do list for upcoming releases

  • Make your own schedule to share with friends

A screenshot of a movie tracker with a section for specific genres.

How to use Notion to organize your watchlist

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. On a new page, select Table then New database, or start with a template.

  3. Add movies to your database with details like title, cast, and release date.

  4. Invite friends to share their own notes.

Create a sharable movie tracker that organizes your favorite titles

Build a personal database so you never forget what you’ve watched, and set the right properties so you can find movies at a glance.


What’s the best movie tracker?

Call us biased, but we think the best movie tracker is in Notion. You can make it anything you want it to be, from a bullet journal movie tracker to a detailed database. Share it with your movie-loving friends or publish it to the web so everyone can read your reviews.

How can I keep track of movie releases?

Movie tracker apps are the best way to keep track of releases you want to watch. Create a calendar of release dates and organize them by priority. Then you can rate and review the ones you’ve seen.

How can I keep track of the movies and shows I've watched?

Use a TV and movie list tracker to keep tabs on what you’ve seen. You can create a checklist in Notion with a tick box for every title and cross out shows and movies once you’ve seen them. You can even organize titles by episode and track release dates.