Define key performance indicators (KPIs) to pivot quickly and motivate your team

Use KPIs to track progress and unite teammates around milestones that are worth celebrating.

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Monitor KPI metrics in a versatile, intuitive connected workspace

KPIs indicate what project success looks like — they’re metrics you’ll track as your team works toward shared goals. If you want to improve your project management workflow, for example, the relevant KPI might be the time it takes to complete a task.

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Track your KPIs in Notion to enjoy: 

  • A centralized information hub with detailed KPIs and assigned responsibilities

  • A customizable database filled with resources to help employees meet their goals 

  • Up-to-date timelines so project managers know when to adjust KPIs and celebrate achievements

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How to track your team’s KPIs in Notion

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Use Notion to track the KPIs that matter most

Motivate your team to achieve their goals with clearly defined KPIs in a centralized workspace.


What’s a KPI in business?

A business KPI is a measurable, quantifiable metric such as "number of sales made per employee per month" or "number of passengers transported per day" that can be used to illustrate team or business performance.

What sort of KPIs should you track?

While your KPIs will vary depending on your projects and business goals, all KPIs should represent metrics that your team can clearly define and measure. Defining these data points during the project proposal phase is a good way to identify potential challenges.

A good KPI could be "percentage of leads converted into sales" or "average number of customer queries resolved on the first call." These are easy to understand and their impact on the business is clear.

How can you track multiple KPIs in Notion?

You can track multiple KPIs for different aspects of your project by defining database views for each KPI. It's also possible to add multiple database boards to one page, so you can get an at-a-glance overview of the performance of different aspects of your business.