Knowledge management 101: Document and organize your expertise with Notion

Notion’s fully customizable workspace is the platform you need to implement a knowledge management strategy that works.

Streamline knowledge-sharing and keep company information available at a glance.

How Notion can help you manage team knowledge

When all your company's information is in one place (like a wiki), it's easier to manage. Everyone can find what they need quickly and easily. Plus, it makes onboarding new teammates more seamless — they have access to everything they need on day one.

Build knowledge bases with fully customizable templates in Notion.

Notion wikis are customizable. So companies of any size can fit them to their needs. Individual teams can also create their own wikis — like one for engineering, marketing, product, and more. One system that all teams can use a customize, fostering transparency.

Here’s how a wiki for your product team can look.

How to create a knowledge management system in Notion

  1. Sign up for Notion and invite your team.

  2. Create a page in your sidebar and start adding sub pages for company-wide information like goals, a mission statement, and benefits info.

  3. Have teams make their own custom wikis that have team-specific information.

  4. Make org-wide databases for everyone to share, like meeting notes and docs.

Create wikis in Notion for streamlined knowledge management

Centralizing team knowledge increases access for everyone. Help your team find what they need with a thorough wiki.


What are the benefits of knowledge management?

Knowledge management improves communication and collaboration to get a whole team on the same page, which increases efficiency and boosts performance.

Successful knowledge management systems let teams access and share information easily.

What kind of information should be included in knowledge management?

This depends on the organization and the teams involved. In general, knowledge management systems should include information relevant to your organization's goals and objectives.

This includes information on company processes, policies, and best practices. Team-specific systems may focus on relevant product, team, and workflow notes. 

How can knowledge management improve performance?

Knowledge management tools make information accessible and organized to facilitate knowledge sharing. Keeping everyone on the same page improves collaboration, communication, and decision-making.