Let a job description generator do the work for your HR team

Streamline the hiring process and write custom posts quickly with a job description generator.

Job descriptions with Notion AI

Generate a job post that draws in model applicants

Writing an in-depth description for an open position takes time — time you could be using to interview and onboard new hires. Why not use AI instead to automate research, generate keywords, and write a high-quality job description while you focus on screening the applicants you value most?

Job description using Notion

Use Notion AI to:

  • Write and customize job descriptions

  • Include keywords that attract high-quality candidates

  • Post open positions on multiple platforms

  • Filter through resumes for the best candidates

  • Automatically reach out to favored applicants

Job description for Notion

How to write effective job descriptions with Notion AI

  1. Create a Notion account and enable Notion AI. 

  2. Use a job description template or create your own system.

  3. Plug in relevant info about the position you’re hiring for.

  4. Write prompts for the AI and adjust its outputs as needed.

  5. Share with your team.

Job description in Notion App

Use Notion AI to build a more efficient hiring process

Notion makes spending hours writing job descriptions and sifting through applications things of the past.


Can I use Notion’s job description generator for free?

Depending on your Notion plan, you might be able to generate some descriptions for free. Otherwise, Notion AI is $10 per month for every member of your team who’s using it. It’s a job description keyword generator, researcher, and writer all in one, and with the time you save, it’ll pay itself off fast.

What are some best practices when it comes to writing job descriptions?

An effective job description is clear and detailed. Get to the point and tell potential employees what you expect in terms of work experience, skills, and commitment. Don’t forget to include an employee value proposition with compensation information, so potential applicants learn how your company is a great place to work.

What resources does Notion have to help with hiring?

Notion AI can give you a hand with pretty much anything, whether you’re looking for a job or hiring a new team. It can help with learning how to write a resume, job description generation, and applicant tracking. And you can connect hiring info with your pre-existing Notion docs so you don’t miss a thing.