Tracking progress: The secret to reaching your goals

Goal tracking creates a clear direction for you and your team to monitor progress toward a goal.

Set goals and track them with Notion.

Notion makes goal-tracking easier and more efficient

Whether you’re tracking personal goals or managing several projects, you should be able to customize goals to fit your needs. No matter if you want to create a list of tasks, a timeline of milestones, and check items off your to-do list, your goal-tracking software should meet your diverse needs.

Stay focused and hit milestones with goal-tracking planners.

Make your Notion workspace yours. Put your team goals database in a team wiki, add fun emojis and cover images to landing and sub-pages, and move around blocks so high-priority checklists are front and center.

Consider using goal-tracking templates in Notion to start monitoring your progress today.

Here’s how to create a goal-tracking workspace in Notion

  1. Sign up for Notion and invite your team.

  2. Create a "Goals" database by typing /database on a new Notion page.

  3. List goals, breaking each into actionable tasks and assigning team members and deadlines. 

  4. Use a board view to track progress or a calendar view to see upcoming deadlines.

Set goals and track them in a Notion “Goals” database.

Never miss a milestone again, thanks to a custom goal-tracking system in Notion

Regardless of your type of team, Notion’s fully customizable workspace can meet your needs to keep everyone aligned.


How can goals be measured?

You can measure goals by identifying key performance indicators and metrics like revenue, conversion rates, or customer satisfaction.

How do you track progress?

Start by setting deadlines for goals and every related task, and monitor these in your preferred view. Some goal-tracking styles include Gantt charts, timelines, and task checklists.

Use goal-setting methods like SMART goals (see below) to ensure your targets are within reach.

How do you track SMART goals?

You can track these goals by monitoring your progress toward the target set, whether that’s a certain percentage, time frame, or other metrics. You might want to increase website traffic by 200% or see 50 more signups each month.

Either way, using a goal-tracking tool like Notion’s timeline view lets you see end goals, tasks, dependencies, team responsibilities, and deadlines in one place.