Create a Gantt chart for your projects using Notion

Visualize project tasks and dependencies with a Gantt chart that adapts and grows with your project.

Create a Gantt chart for your projects using Notion

How Gantt charts help you visualize project management

You can use Gantt charts to streamline workflows by visualizing everyone’s to-dos and deadlines.

Zoom out for a high-level overview of your project and the final deliverables, or zoom into individual tasks to view their status, dates, progress, and dependencies.

Create a Gantt chart for your projects using Notion

Managing projects with Gantt charts lets you:

  • Make a project plan that you can adapt as your project shifts and grows

  • Identify tasks and dependent subtasks at a glance

  • Track your progress toward hitting milestones and deliverables

  • Prevent bottlenecks before they happen

  • Create a plan that's easily shared with stakeholders, team members, and external collaborators

Plan your tasks (and who’s owning them) in one place.

How to use Gantt charts in Notion

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. Add a database in your workspace to visualize your tasks. Start from a new page and select Table, then Database.

  3. Add a page to your database for each task, using subpages to add subtasks. Specify dependencies and custom properties like start/due date, status, sprint, and assignee.

  4. Use these properties to visualize your database as a timeline.

  5. Share the timeline with your team so everyone can track progress.

Set your project up for success with a clear schedule baseline.

Notion’s timeline view: never lose track of a task again

Choose a Gantt chart tool that integrates with the rest of your workflow to bring your project needs into one workspace.


What are Gantt charts used for?

As a project manager, you can use project management tools like Gantt charts to:

  • Get an overview of complex projects and zoom into specific tasks

  • Plan and schedule tasks, set finish dates, allocate resources and track progress

  • Identify potential delays or risks and adjust the project plan

What should I include in a Gantt chart?

In your Gantt chart, you should include:

  • All project tasks, milestones, and deliverables

  • Each task's duration and responsible individuals

  • Relationships between tasks to see how changes to one will affect another in real time

  • An additional calendar view to visualize tasks from a high level

How do you create a Gantt chart in Notion?

You can create a simple Gantt chart from scratch by preparing what you’ll need to visualize:

  • List project tasks and dependencies

  • Set start and end dates for each task

  • Assign tasks to team members

  • Link dependent tasks

After identifying these properties, create a new database in Notion and input the information. Then select Timeline view to turn the data into a Gantt chart.