Track your entertainment media lists so you never miss a show or song release

Share your music and movie lists with friends, family, and team members by tracking them in a connected workspace.

Series template in Notion

Create must-watch and completed entertainment checklists with Notion templates

Never waste an hour scrolling Netflix again — keep track of movie and TV show suggestions in a centralized space so you can quickly pick a show the next time you’re wondering what to watch. With Notion templates you can easily follow and track all your entertainment media types, be they books, films, or podcasts.

What should I watch template

You can build trackers for anything in Notion, including:

  • Book trackers

  • Movie trackings

  • TV show trackers

  • Subscription trackers

  • Video game trackers

  • Music trackers

Movies list template

How to use Notion to track your entertainment interests and history

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. Download the tracker template you want from our template gallery and open it on a new page

  3. Personalize it and start tracking.

  4. Share this page with your friends, family, or coworkers.

tv shows tracker

Customize your entertainment tracker to fit your needs with Notion

No matter what type of media you love, take advantage of Notion's flexibility to create a custom media tracker.


How do you keep track of TV shows you've watched?

Keeping track of the TV shows you've watched is easy with a Notion entertainment tracker. Search for trackers by media type to find the best option for you, then enter the shows you’ve seen. You can do the same with books, subscriptions, and really any media type.

Is there an app to keep track of movies watched?

You can find several apps to handle movie tracking and other media by searching your go-to app store. Notion is an example of an app you can use to track both shows you’ve watched and those you want to see.

What would you use a watchlist for?

A watchlist outlines movies and TV shows you want to see. It's a good way to remember the titles you come across or suggestions you receive that you want to remember to watch later. When you're ready to watch something, simply pull up your watchlist app and choose a movie or show that fits the bill.