How to manage your design project in Notion

Keep your projects in one connected workspace and save time on branding, product, and web design.

How design management tools help projects succeed through organization

Too many design tools cluttering up your workflow? Notion can help. Our design management templates and tools let you create and manage design projects in the same place, including necessary materials like creative briefs and design team wikis.

If you have too many design tools cluttering up your workflow, Notion can help.

Build your design hub in Notion in order to:

  • Improve communication between teammates

  • Gain transparency with high-level overviews of who’s working on what

  • Verify that projects are on track with timeline views, boards, and more

  • Keep feedback in the same place as design ideas

Verify that your project is on track with timeline views, boards, and more.

How to use Notion for design projects

  1. Make a Notion workplace for you or your team.

  2. Create a new page and insert a database with /database, or start from a template.

  3. Add elements and tag them with custom properties.

  4. Link out to related documents like vision boards and project charters.

  5. Share the new page with relevant teammates.

One design management tool to rule them all

Centralize your feedback and work, establish a standardized process, and track project progress — all in Notion.


What are the five fundamentals of graphic design?

The five fundamentals of graphic design are:

  1. Balance — create visual harmony

  2. Contrast — emphasize the differences between elements 

  3. Repetition — repeat design elements to create consistency 

  4. Color — use color to create mood and convey meaning

  5. Variety — diversify design elements to capture attention

What are the three pillars of design thinking?

The three pillars of design thinking are also known as the three Es:

  1. Empathy — understanding the needs and perspective of your target audience

  2. Expansive thinking — considering a broad range of design ideas and possibilities instead of fixating on the first solution

  3. Experimentation — testing and refining ideas through prototyping and feedback

What are the seven types of graphic design?

The seven types of graphic design products are:

  1. Branding design

  2. Marketing and advertising design 

  3. UI design

  4. Publication design 

  5. Packaging design

  6. Animation design 

  7. Environmental design