What’s a business directory and why should you build one in Notion?

Let us help you build a business directory that’s integrated with your project and product management tools.

Create a space for your employees in your business directory.

How building a business directory in Notion benefits your entire team

Whatever the size of your company , business directories are a great resource for centralized information -- and the increased efficiency and improved collaboration that result.  

Create a space for your employees in your business directory.

Notion's connected workspace and database tools make it easy to create a customized and flexible business directory that streamlines internal and external communication and boosts productivity.

How can I create an online business directory in Notion?

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. Make a new page and select Table from the page-type list. Then, select New database

  3. Create a page for each team member (or a page for each team and subpages for team members).

  4. Populate each page or subpage with details like the employee’s name and contact info.

  5. Invite your teammates to fill in more info.

Create different views of your directory for each team or department.

Organize all the contact info you need with a comprehensive database

Learn what a business directory is capable of by centralizing your employee information in Notion.


What is a business directory used for?

A business directory is a centralized resource with information about company employees, including their contact information, job titles, responsibilities, and more.

How do I find a list of businesses?

There are several ways to find a list of businesses:

  • Online directory websites

  • Government agencies with business directory listings like the Better Business Bureau

  • Small business listings for small business owners

  • Professional organizations

  • Local business directories, for  finding local service providers like automotive experts, plumbers, salons, electricians, and more

What should be included in a business directory?

A business directory should include the following information:

  • Contact information like names, job titles, phone numbers, and email and physical addresses

  • Company details like business services, Google Maps pins, and operating hours 

  • Employee information like job titles, departments, and any other relevant data