Use an AI product name generator for inspiration on your next project

AI content generator tools can create on-brand product names to accelerate creativity and defeat writer’s block.

A screenshot of a marketing copy generated with Notion AI.

Add Notion AI's product name generator to your brainstorming team

Avoid paying high prices for a brand consultant or taking too much time brainstorming by using an AI software product name generator like Notion AI. These tools use data like product descriptions, market research, and customer behavior to create personalized, on-brand titles for new products.

A screenshot of a product name inspiration promt using Notion AI.

Use Notion’s AI product name generator tool to:

  • Streamline product creation

  • Help you get over writer’s block

  • Position your product with a data-informed naming process based on market and customer research

A screenshot of a Product Launch Announcement use case using Notion AI.

How to generate a product name with Notion AI

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. In a new page, enter your product description and keywords.

  3. Highlight the description and keywords and click Ask AI.

  4. Type Generate a product name based on this text.

  5. Follow prompts to make adjustments or discard the ideas. 

  6. Invite teammates to collaborate.

Don’t get stuck on the name — roll out products in a timely manner with Notion AI

Our AI product name generator uses keywords, descriptions, and data to create a list of ideal naming ideas for your product.


How do you create a product name?

Creating a product name involves more than being a wordsmith. Here are some steps:

  • Identify the product's unique selling point (USP)

  • Brainstorm relevant keywords and phrases

  • Combine and refine these keywords to create a name that reflects the product's USP

  • Test and validate the name through customer research and feedback

You can streamline this process with a free AI product name generator like Notion AI.

What’s a brand name versus a product name?

A brand name is the name of your company or organization, while a product name is the name of a specific product or service offered by your company.

Brand names are generally more permanent and long-lasting, while product names may change over time. And brand names may have broader associations and meanings, while product names are more specific.

How many words should a product name be?

A product name should ideally be short and memorable, with 1–3 words being the recommended range. But this length should match the complexity of the product and your target audience.

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Shorter names are easier to remember and communicate

  • Longer names can convey more specific information about your product