Design templates for CONFIG '24

Make life easier and grab these Notion templates, built by designers for designers. Curated specifically for CONFIG '24 attendees!

1Design Team in-a-Box

Our Design Team in-a-Box template provides a centralized solution for managing all aspects of your design projects. It offers a structure for building out a transparent roadmap, allowing everyone on the team to see the big picture and understand their part in it. With integrated tools for running efficient sprints and conducting user research, you'll have all you need to iterate quickly and create user-centered designs.

It even includes a repository for all your design resources, eliminating the need for endless searching and encouraging consistency across projects. Embrace a smoother, more collaborative way of working with this comprehensive design management tool.

A template preview for Design Team in-a-Box

2Brand Assets

Keep track of brand assets like logos, images, and fonts. Tag the assets to sort by file type or application.

A template preview for Brand Assets

3Design Sprint

This template is designed to help design teams continuously track and iterate on their projects, from creative sprints to finished projects based on user feedback.

A template preview for Design Sprint

4Simple Design Moodboard

The Moodboard template allows you to bring your creative vision to life by curating visual inspiration in one place. Whether you're designing a website, planning an event, or creating a brand identity, this template provides a canvas for collecting images, colors, textures, and typography that evoke the desired mood and aesthetic.

A template preview for Simple Design Moodboard

5Creative Brief

A simple document to help you organize all requirements and information needed to enable smooth collaboration with agencies and freelancers.

A template preview for Creative Brief

6Design Roadmap

This design roadmap lets you plan and track launches across any timeframe and at any level of detail. View projects by quarter, half, or year. Make cross-functional work the smoothest it’s ever been with filters and views for different teams. Get a bird’s eye view of what’s launching in a timeline, or dive into the nitty-gritty tasks for each project.

A template preview for Design Roadmap

7Feedback tracker

Feedback tracker is a comprehensive template that connects customer profiles, feedback requests, and product requirements documents (PRDs) through a series of interconnected databases, making it easy to manage and analyze customer feedback. By fostering a closer feedback loop between customers, Product Managers, and Solutions Engineers, this template empowers your team to better understand customer needs, prioritize feature development, and drive continuous product improvements based on real-world insights.

A template preview for Feedback tracker

8Brand Guidelines

Our Brand Guidelines template is designed to act as a single source of truth for all design-related decisions in your team. Serving both new and experienced designers, it includes sections on typography, templates, themes, icons, native components, and specific brand rules, with each section designed to foster a unified design approach.

By embedding Figma files and GitHub repositories, your team can access and update design assets in real-time, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. This template is not only a tool for organizing your brand's design system but also a platform for collaboration, allowing designers to leave comments, feedback, or questions. Enhance your team's efficiency and reduce duplicative work with this comprehensive Notion template.

A template preview for Brand Guidelines

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