Notion 2.33: Automate workflows

Automate workflows in a database

Automatically set status, assign a task, and more.

Freeze database columns

Freeze columns while you scroll. Available in table view.

Formulas 2.0

It’s easier to write formulas, use functions, and get formatted outputs.

Use AI to translate any property in your database

Translate database content into your teammates’ native language.

Little fixes = big improvements

  • ✨ If you so desire, you can now use the Notion logo as an icon in your page

  • ✨ The three-dot menu of a code block now has an option to Format code

  • 🛷 Evernote & Trello importers have been upgraded and can handle more data

  • 🛷 The new Universal import works for any ZIP file that contains text, Markdown, CSV, HTML, and other files

  • 🕛 You can now set your timezone to default to your location or change it manually by going to Settings and members My settings

  • 🕛 Use dynamic references like @me, @today, and @now in people or date properties within a database template

  • 👇🏾 While setting up a button you can now choose a database template as the default page that gets created

  • 👇🏾 For Board and Gallery views, there is now a “Wrap all properties” option when configuring the layout

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