Connect your tools with the API 🧰

Yesterday, thousands of folks from around the world came together at our second annual conference, Block by Block 2022! We announced new features and programs, and learned from amazing speakers like Martha Stewart and Ira Glass.

Better Databases with quick filters, the redesigned Teams sidebar, and Synced Databases will be released in the coming weeks and months — stay tuned. To learn more about what you can start using today, read on:

The API is out of beta

Since we launched the API into beta last year, over 30,000 people have joined our developer community, building everything from workflow automations and content publishing systems, to productivity tools and search aggregators, all on the Notion platform.

And for the last several months, we’ve been working hard to expand the API’s capabilities to make it even easier to build with Notion. Now the API is out of beta, and better than ever.

  • New Integration Gallery: Discover powerful integrations built by Notion and by our partners, learn more about what they do, and add them to your workspace, all in one place. Check it out at

  • New API functionality and improved documentation: The API now supports even more block types, including synced blocks, multi-column pages, simple tables and more. We’ve also made the API more stable and reliable, and improved our documentation to make it easier for developers to build and test integrations.

  • New controls for admins (Enterprise Plan): Admins on an Enterprise Plan can now pre-approve specific integrations for use in their workspace, for more transparency and control. Admins can also view which integrations are being used in their workspace, who’s using them, and disconnect integrations for specific users.

Better dark mode

Your Notion workspace is like a cozy living room, a place to hang out and get work done — and dark mode is like turning off the lights. It gives your space a different look and feel, and can be helpful with eye strain and readability too.

Now dark mode is even better! We updated the color palette to include deeper hues, higher contrast, and more saturated colors, keeping accessibility in mind throughout the redesign. To turn on dark mode in your workspace, go to Settings & membersMy notifications & settingsAppearance.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • For a full list of API improvements, go to →

  • Buttons within menus have a more modern look and feel with inset highlighting, and some icons were refreshed to use more consistent strokes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from dragging pages into top-level pages in the sidebar when the “Prevent members from changing the Workspace section” security setting was enabled

  • Fixed a bug that caused the keyboard to flicker on iOS when tapping a to-do checkbox

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the “select all” button from working properly on some iOS devices

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the cursor from being placed in the correct spot on Android after tapping a text block

  • Fixed a bug that caused the keyboard to disappear after tapping bullet items on Android

  • Fixed a bug that prevented tapping to drag cards in Board view on Android

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