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This will accelerate our ability to build high quality integrations for teams & businesses, as well as more features for developers building on the Notion API.

Dynamic @today & @now mentions in database templates

When you're taking notes, typing @today or @now lets you quickly record the current day's date. They automatically resolve to display the month, day, and year as time passes, but they didn't work within database templates — until now.

When you type @today or @now while editing a database template, you'll see two options: one to record today's date, and a new option, Date when duplicated, which creates a dynamic date mention each time the template is used in the future.

New emojis & page icons 🐈‍⬛

We've heard it many times: there's something especially therapeutic about selecting the perfect emoji for your Notion pages. Plus, they make your content much easier to find later!

Now there are dozens of new emojis to choose from — add them as page icons at the top of your docs and databases, or type them inline in any paragraph with the : key, followed by the name of the emoji.

Find the full lists of new emojis here: 12.0, 12.1, 13.0, 13.1

Copy database properties to your clipboard in one click

Before, it took several clicks to take the information from a database property and copy it to your clipboard for pasting elsewhere.

Now you'll find convenient **Copy to Clipboard** buttons next to Text, Number, URL, Phone, Email, Created time, and Last edited time properties, making for a much faster workflow.

Better URL properties in databases

URL properties in your databases are now easier to use. Clicking the URL opens that page in your web browser, rather than selecting the property for editing. And there's a new Edit URL button that appears when you hover over the property with your cursor.

Recently visited pages sync across devices

When you first open the Quick Find window, the first thing you'll see is a list of your RECENT PAGES. Now these sync across all your browsers & devices!

For example, if you're working on a page in the desktop app, it'll appear at the top of your RECENT PAGES section the next time you access your workspace in the mobile app.

Better quote blocks

Recently, we added the ability to include rich content within callout blocks. Now you can do the same with quote blocks!

To do this, grab a piece of content (such as images, bullets, databases & more) by the ⋮⋮ block handle to its left, then drag inside the quote block.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Pages load faster on Android 📈

  • Text blocks containing @mentions of dates and people now automatically populate Date and Person properties when moved to a database

  • Now it's much easier to download, copy & share images from iOS while you're on the go — just double tap an image to open in full screen mode, then tap and hold

  • On iOS, you can now close your mobile keyboard by swiping it down

  • Admins in Enterprise Plan workspaces can now generate a SCIM API token in the Security & identity section of Settings & Members

  • Fixed a bug that caused page icons to appear incorrectly on Android & Windows devices

  • Fixed a bug that caused database filters to break after renaming Select & Multi-select property values

  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Start week on Monday" setting to appear in the My account section of Settings & members in addition to the Language & region section

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Gallery & Board card previews from displaying nested lists correctly within synced blocks, callout blocks, and quote blocks

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