Clearer Billing πŸ’³


We've made several changes to the way you can choose a paid Notion Plan, and to our billing experience so that both are clearer and easier to navigate.

  • Streamlined invoicing.
    In the Billing tab of Settings & Members, we used to include two items for every one renewal date (indicating invoice available and payment succeeded). Now we've simplified this to one item that will indicate whether the invoice for a renewal date is due, paid, credited or failed, and the amount.

  • Clearer invoices.
    Our invoices are cleaner, better organized and more descriptive. Every change you make to your paid plan (such as adding or removing members) will be reflected and clearly explained in terms of how much you're charged.

  • Clearer upgrade & downgrade.
    Previously, it wasn't obvious which of our paid plans represented an upgrade vs. a downgrade in your Notion features. If you go to Settings & Members β†’ Plans this is now straightforward.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • We made several major performance improvements across the app.

    • Faster selection in the editor (especially cmd/ctrl + a).

    • Faster to duplicate blocks.

    • Faster to respond to slash commands.

    • Faster to add and view comments.

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't click into page property values in Firefox.

  • Fixed a bug where HTML exports would sometimes have the wrong background color.

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