July 24, 2017

Features & Improvements

  • Force Touch Drag and Drop on iOS ✌️
    You ask. We listen. The iOS beta now supports drag and drop! Press and hold or force-touch to drag a block. Upgrade in your TestFlight to get the new version. We put a lot of love into this one. Let us know what you think!
    Also, Message us your Apple ID and we'll add you to the iOS beta list. (In the left sidebar of your browser or desktop app hit Help & Feedback -> Message Us.)

  • Trash Can
    Now, when you delete top-level pages, they go into Trash, where you can easily restore them, or delete them permanently.

  • A simpler, shared sidebar for your team!
    For this release, we gathered all our feedback about the sidebar, and came up with a much simpler design.
    For teams, there are now three sections: Favorites, Team Pages, and My Pages. Team pages stay in sync across your team, so there's no need to manually join pages you couldn't see!
    For personal, there are three sections: Favorites, My Pages, and Shared With Me.

  • Revamped Keyboard Shortcuts!
    We spent a lot of time going over our keyboard shortcuts. We simplified some of our shortcuts, and added a lot of new ones! Some highlights:

    • Enter always inserts text, just like your favorite old-school text editor.

    • Command/Ctrl + Enter to navigate to pages, check to-dos, open toggles, and upload files and images.

    • Command/Ctrl + Option + S to toggle the Sidebar open and closed.

    • Command/Ctrl + K or Command/Ctrl + P to open quick find.

    • Command/Ctrl + Shift + L to add an inline text link.

    • Space on images to go full screen.

    • Type three dashes (-) to create a divider.

    • Type three back-ticks (`) to create a code block.

    • Command/Ctrl + Option + M to comment.

Bug Fixes

  • **Hitting enter at the beginning of a header now moves the header down
    This one was annoying some of you guys.

  • Uploads complete even if you navigate away
    Before, uploads would fail if you navigated away from the page.

  • Better image preview during upload
    Before, if you move an image that's being uploaded, the preview could disappear

  • Tab multiple lines in a code block 😱
    Rejoice! You can now tab multiple lines in code blocks!

  • **@Mentions, numbered lists, and equations in markdown export
    Before, mentions, numbered lists, and equations did not export properly to markdown.

  • Less annoying auto-linker
    Our previous auto-linker sometimes made it impossible to remove the link that was created automatically.

  • Support for the shift+end shortcut
    Shout out to our hardcore keyboard people 🤓

  • Fixed bugs with inline code and bold
    We found a few bugs that sometimes caused inline code and bold to break.

  • **Embed SVGs
    Previously, embedding SVGs did not work 😤

  • Clicking external links in the desktop app
    Sometimes, external links would open in a new window instead of opening in your web browser.

  • Fixed Invision embeds
    Before, Invision embeds didn't always work.

  • **Scrollbars on Linux and Windows
    We fixed some annoying horizontal scrollbars on these platforms.

  • ... and a lot more. We fixed 100+ bugs in this release 🙅‍♂️🙅🐞🕷

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