April 17, 2017

Features & Improvements

  • Mac App: spell check 🔤 👌
    The long-waited spell checker is finally here. You should receive a prompt in your Mac app to download the latest version. Say goodbye to all those typos...

  • Mac App: multi-window support
    You can finally have multiple Notion windows open at the same time!
    Pro-tip: use `Command + to toggle between different windows. (It's the little key on the left of "1").

  • Mac app: 3-finger swipe to navigate history 🖖
    If are you used to the 3-finger swipe in your browser, you can also do it with your Notion Mac app. (To enable it, go to System Preferences -> Trackpad -> and set "Swipe between pages" to "three fingers").

  • Mac app: speedup 🚗 🏁
    Last but not least, there's a noticeable speed improvement with the Mac app. (Nerd talk: we updated to the latest Electron 🤓)

Bug Fixes

  • Slash commands
    Slash commands was broken on some of the old content after the last release.

  • Pasting blocks out of order 🤦‍♂️
    Sometimes pasting blocks could cause them to be inserted in the wrong order.

  • Search returning deleted content
    Search could sometimes return content that was deleted.

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