Notion 1.5 ⚡️

Features & Improvements

This is our biggest release since launch. A lot things have changed. We strongly recommend that you check out our upgrade guide.

  • Enterprise-grade team management 💪
    As more and more 100+ people companies signed up on Notion, it became obvious that our admin features were lacking.
    With this release, we are giving you tools to mange all of your members, guests, and manage billing from a bird's-eye view. For any teams larger than half a dozen people, you can't live without it!

  • Custom team domains 👯
    Setup a domain like "" to access all your team's content or invite new members.

  • A redesigned sidebar + private pages
    The sidebar now lets you discover and bookmark other team pages (like joining a Slack channel), or create pages that only invited teammates could access or modify (like Slack private channels).

  • A more personal Notion 🏠
    If you are using Notion by yourself, your Pro features will now cover all of the content you have access to (even if they are created by other people). You don't need to pay for any of your collaborators.

  • Quickly create a new page
    Add an empty page quickly, or select from existing templates. It also works with the shortcut Ctrl/Command + N

  • New pricing. Unlimited members for everyone!
    If you really think about it, our old pricing model really didn't make sense (a collaboration tool that caps on the number of team members, what? 😅)
    So we now removed the 5-member limit completely. Instead, we're introducing a monthly limit on the number of content blocks you can add per month (very hard to hit if you just use Notion normally). You can easily increase your limit by inviting or collaborating with others.
    We also changed the price per user from $5 to $8. If you were previously on a Pro plan, we'll honor your old price of $5 (and thank you for being an early adopter! 😇)
    For more details, please see the pricing page.

  • Simplified editor
    We unified "drag", "..." and "+" into a single button. Easier to access. Less in your face.

  • Full page path in @mention and search
    Now when you search or mention a page, we show the full page path, less confusing for pages that have similar titles.

  • Better font for Mac and Windows
    Typography nerds might have noticed this already. Notion now uses the default system fonts as the sans-serif option (San Francisco on Mac, Segoe on Windows). Better support for European languages, and emojis! 🍰🍕🌮

Bug Fixes

  • Confirming new page title
    Before, if you clicked on the background while naming a new page, it would clear your page title.

  • Safari PDF Export
    Before, the PDF could have extra wide margins.

  • Backspace + Undo
    Before, sometimes backpack + undo will delete other content on your page.

  • /slash command in discussion
    Before, /slash command couldn't add new blocks in discussion.

  • ... and tons of little bugs here and there 🙄

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