September 29, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • PDF Export.
    Before, the PDF export displayed presence avatars for users currently collaborating on the page.

  • Logout.
    We fixed a bug where the log out button sometimes did not work correctly. 😅

  • Arrow keys in the /slash menu.
    Before, using the arrow keys did not scroll to the active command in the slash menu.

  • Inline code.
    Before, inline code sometimes had incorrect behavior when pressing enter, then backspace on text. 🤖

  • /page slash command.
    Before, this slash command did not insert a title in the page it created.

  • Desktop app crash recovery.
    We improved our crash recovery logic on the desktop app, so it's a lot more robust.

  • Sidebar pages inside of titles.
    We fixed a bug where sometimes pages would appear in the outliner that are inside of the page's title.

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