July 19, 2016

Features & Improvements

  • Templates, templates, and more templates for your team. 👯
    One of our most popular requests has been how to recreate the content on our landing page. We are now releasing them all as templates.
    Go to your left sidebar, click "+ Add a Space" and you will see them!

    • If you are part of a team, we encourage you to add a "Team Home", and drag all existing pages from your left sidebar there. That way, everything will be discoverable by your teammates.

    • If you use Notion by yourself, you should do the same with a "Personal Home".

  • Command/Control + K for inline links.
    Just like most other editors. 😌

  • Image/Video/Embed replacement.
    You can now replace the content of a media block, right where it is.

  • Markdown for bold, italic, and nested Sections.
    *italic*, **bold**, and #, ##, ### for sections (followed by a space). Your fingers will love it. 🎹

Bug Fixes

  • Pressing enter on toggle.
    Before, when pressing enter at the end of a Toggle, it would move the content into to the list below. 🙄

  • Intercom help popup.
    Before, there was a huge empty space underneath the help popup.

  • Bulleted list size.
    Before, the bullet in a bulleted list was a tad too large. 😏

  • Enter key clears the style.
    Before, creating a new block with the enter key would carry over the original one's style.

  • And quite a few bugs, here and there... 👀

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