Notion for ETs

Notion for extraterrestrials

One workspace. Every galaxy.

Out-of-this-world product functionality

Whether you're a CEO (Chief Extraterrestrial Officer), an alien superstar, or simply a citizen on a remote planet – Notion's here for you.

Space for AI

Built-in support for your alien AI assistant. Access it with the shortcut 'space'. Duh!

Black hole mode

You've heard of dark mode. Now get ready for black hole mode, optimized for low light and gravitational anomalies.

Intergalactic collaboration

Coordinating deep space missions? Sharing knowledge to another species? Notion is built for collaboration.

The best community in the universe

Notion's incredible community extends beyond your own galaxy. Help is never more than a light-year away.

β€œWe've discovered a fascinating technology used by Earthlings. We've brought this onboard the mothership to great success.”

Kosmo Kardashian

Interstellar Socialite

Templates, so you can hit warp speed instantly.

No need to start from "Big Bang." We've got you covered with pre-fabricated, wormhole-tested setups. Duplicate them and get going!

πŸš€ Exploration planner

Track of all the different galaxies, stars, and planets you’ve visited. Wherever you're headed in the universe, you'll be prepared.

πŸ§ͺ Abduction log

Record information about the specimens you’ve (consensually) abducted, including physical characteristics, behavior patterns, and last contact date.

πŸ› οΈ Spacecraft maintenance

Keep your spaceship running smoothly. Your crew can use this to report and track issues, maintenance, and repairs that need to be completed.

πŸ‘οΈβ€πŸ—¨οΈ Universal translator

Use this template (powered by AI) to translate between multiple alien languages. Especially helpful on planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy!


What is Notion for extraterrestrials?

Notion is a connected workspace for your projects, docs, and knowledge. And now, it provides templates and features tailored to the unique needs of intergalactic space travel and exploration.

Where can I get Notion if I don't live on Earth?

Notion is available as a free download in your spacecraft's app store. Simply search for "Notion" and install the app with the block "N" icon. You can then sign in with your intergalactic ID and start using Notion today!

If you do live on Earth, simply click the Try Notion free button at the top right of this webpage.

What organic life forms can use Notion?

Notion is for any species with an interest in managing projects, organizing knowledge, and collaborating across light years of space. Whether you're a spaceship captain, scientist, or explorer, Notion can help you work more efficiently.

Is Notion for extraterrestrials real?

Happy April Fools' day!

With πŸ–€, πŸ‘½, and πŸ––πŸΌ – the Notion team.