Notion for Notes & Docs

Notion for Notes & Docs

A writing experience as simple or sophisticated as you need.

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A screenshot of Notion's mobile app
A screenshot of Notion's mobile app
FigmaNotion gives us the flexibility to create content — from docs and notes to a full employee handbook — and then rearrange it as needed to let us do our best work.
Marie SzutsHead of People Operations, Figma
AdobeNotion lets me move around at the speed of thought, as opposed to having to rewrite everything.
Scott BelskyChief Product Officer, Adobe
CocoonEvery page is a fresh canvas where we can structure our thoughts and writing however we want. It's helped us capture so many ideas.
Alex CornellCo-founder, Cocoon

An editor designed for focus

Just start typing. Everything else fades away so you can concentrate on the task at hand – no distractions.
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An animation showing how easy it is to drag and drop content


Add any content, then rearrange it to get the job done. Notion’s editor helps you structure your thinking.
An animation cycling through several options available in a popup menu when a user types a slash character

Many types of content

Add images, bookmarks, videos, code, and more without touching your mouse. Stay in the flow.

Organize your notes your way

Notion is much more than a text editor. Use databases to keep track of all your docs or notes. Tag them with custom keywords, add teammates, set due dates, and more.
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An animation showing entries in a sidebar expanding revealing several levels of child entries

Find it in the sidebar

Never lose track of a note again. Everything lives in the sidebar for immediate access.
An animation showing a label for priority changing status, being dragged and dropped and an assignee being tagged in a Notion database property view

Customize everything

Define and add your own tags. Organize your information the way you want to work.

Comment, collaborate, and share

Keep your notes private or share them with your team (or the entire web). Collaborative editing and inline comments help you accomplish more.
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An animation showing a user leaving a comment inline with text in Notion Document

Mentions and notifications

Type @ to mention someone in a doc or comment. They'll be notified to take a look.
An animation showing a toggle changing access from Public to Private

Publish to the web

Share any page with the world in one click. Notion doubles as a drag-and-drop website builder.

Try Notion today

Get started for free, then add your whole team.

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Safe & secure

Notion is committed to staying compliant and providing you all the features you need to manage access across your organization.

SOC2 compliant
TLS everywhere
Data encryption in transit and at rest
Quarterly independent security audits
100% cloud-based architecture secured behind a VPC
SAML single sign onEnterprise
SCIM APIEnterprise
Granular permission levelsEnterprise
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