Raise centralizes information on Notion to create org-wide transparency

Raise uses powerful technology to pair expert real estate brokers with workplace leaders, helping companies find their perfect workspace. Its team uses Notion to share information, document their goals, and work faster.

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Anna Lou

Chief of Staff to the CEO

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Objectives that foster company-wide engagement

Raise sets ambitious goals and drives progress toward them through the inputs and behaviors that lead to outsized outcomes. But at the start, their objectives and how they tied to their vision lived in a long-lost Google Sheet. Without an easy way to access their goals and align their team on a shared vision and roadmap, people didn’t know how their work laddered up to the company’s mission.

They recreated their goals, mission and vision on Notion. Now, everyone sees their goals every time they log into the company dashboard. It reinforces the link between their work and broader company goals — and it’s been a boon for cross-functional work, too. Since all goals are transparent, people can see what their colleagues are working on, prompting them to think about how they can help.

Keep goals top of mind with transparent OKRs.
Our goals used to live in peoples’ heads. Now they’re transparent and easy to access.
Anna Lou
Anna Lou
Chief of Staff to the CEO

Streamlined meetings to align leaders and teams

Every week, Raise’s executives meet to discuss priorities, operations, and performance. Meetings focused on some of Raise’s toughest problems to solve — but the conversations were unstructured, leading to shaky alignment and slower innovation. With opacity at the top, executives couldn’t help their teams execute around a clear vision.

All executive meetings now live in one database, and to streamline them, Raise designed a meeting template on Notion. Every week, execs write a short report on their work and add it to the template. Then, attendees spend the first five minutes of every meeting silently reading through every report.

Every exec gets an equal piece of the agenda, not just the most confident speakers. Better yet, it creates a record of every great idea and suggestion. If someone misses a meeting, they can go back and catch up. Of course it saves time — but it also clears confusion and helps executives better support their teams, too.

Streamline information-sharing sessions to unearth innovative ideas.

Cut excess tools.
Do it all on Notion

They say startups build their airplane while flying it. While that approach keeps you in the air, you often end up with an inefficient tech stack of overlapping tools and unnecessary complexity. That slows you down and hides vital information in siloes.

Now, Notion acts as their single source of truth — both as a tool, and for the information it contains. Having work and organizational knowledge in one place connects the dots between goals, teams, and the work itself. When there’s full clarity and context around everything at Raise, execution is streamlined because no one’s wasting time finding information that’s buried across multiple tools.

stack of papers
Create long-term memory for your team with Notion.
With Notion, we digitize everything you could ever want. It makes it very easy to search for any piece of information.
Anna Lou
Anna Lou
Chief of Staff to the CEO

Make planning fun, engaging, and collaborative

Off-sites, meet-ups, and retreats are a big part of Raise’s culture. Before, every piece of planning happened in a spreadsheet. Employee travel? Spreadsheet. Expenses? Spreadsheet. Itinerary? Spreadsheet. That’s a problem because spreadsheets are one-dimensional, not meant for in-depth event planning.

They shifted company-wide event planning onto Notion, empowering teams to create standalone homepages for team-specific event. Leaders build out their plans from there, adding sub pages for things like accommodation, travel coordination, and COVID-19 policies.

Now, every itinerary, expense process, and booking form lives in one intuitive homepage. Instead of confusing spreadsheets, mass emails, and duplicated info, everything lives in one easy to navigate page. Consolidating all of an event’s info on one homepage means people don’t have to contact organizers for info. Organizers are then free to instead focus on what matters — making each event fantastic.

Take the stress out of planning and focus on making events fun.

Work faster with Notion

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