English coach and working mom Monica Lim's digital planner keeps all the details straight

Monica Lim is an English consultant for high-powered people, from PR professionals to directors of top Korean beauty companies. With dozens of clients, she needs to keep their lesson plans and reading material organized and accessible. On top of that, she's a mom of two. Both her consulting business and family's schedule live in Notion so she can keep track of all the moving pieces.

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A planner that makes the big picture clear

Monica's daily calendar is so jam-packed with meetings that she almost has to schedule time to grab a snack. She needed one place to plan all her coaching sessions, while also having the flexibility to change those plans based on her clients' schedules and learning needs. For this, she uses a table in Notion, sorted by date and time, with links to the content she's planning to teach. Filters let her plan and view information by day, week, or month. Even with so many clients to juggle, Monica can make sure she's fully prepped for each meeting.

Monica can link any of her databases so that she can keep all relevant information bundled.

A library of all the best teaching resources

To help her clients work on their reading and comprehension skills, Monica collects interesting articles in a database. When she plans her week, it's easy to search this list and assign the articles most relevant for each client. She also tracks the number of times she's used an article to see what's working. No need to keep it all in her head. Notion eliminates the duplicative work so Monica can focus on being an effective teacher.

When I used Google Drive, I duplicated work because information took so long to find. In Notion, I can easily visualize my entire workspace. My clients love that all their resources are organized.
Monica Lim
Monica Lim

A virtual classroom for personalized learning

Monica's client list is diverse, so she needs to personalize each experience based on their specific needs, skill level, and interest. Each client has a Notion page that acts as their home base. They can view notes from past sessions, see assigned readings and explore resources that Monica adds to the page.

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Multiple people can write in the same Notion page and see real-time edits.

Instant feedback loop between teacher and student

Each coaching session has its own Notion page, where Monica can embed a link to the assigned reading and post discussion questions. As the client practices writing and speaking in English, Monica can make real-time corrections in the page and answer any questions about her edits. Since all lessons are saved in Notion pages, students can go back and reference them anytime to cement what they've learned.

Teaching requires a lot of back and forth with the student. Not only is Notion easy for collaboration but it's also fun to use.
Monica Lim
Monica Lim

A family hub to manage everyone's commitments

In between lessons, Monica's organizing her kids' activities. Kindergarten, soccer, piano, ballet — it's easy to lose track of where they're supposed to be and when. In Notion, she manages both her kids' schedules in one database. All recurring activities can be viewed as a list, or she can switch to a board view to see the whole week. Peace of mind is hard to come by for this working mom, but keeping everything in Notion helps her stop worrying.

Monica can organize by any database property, including numbers, dates, or people.

Never lose track of phone numbers or photos

For each activity, Monica can store all the important information in the same place. She no longer wastes time searching for a phone number, wondering whether she missed a payment, or finding an address. When the piano teacher sends photos or videos of her kids playing music, she can drop them in the page and keep those memories safe and simple to find.

Time with my kids is so precious. Notion helps me capture those ephemeral moments that would otherwise disappear.
Monica Lim
Monica Lim

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