Apploi's project management system helps engineers focus

Apploi helps employers recruit at high volumes by enabling applicants to stand out. The system they built in Notion keeps the multi-faceted engineering team sprinting, and the whole company informed of their work.

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Project Management

A process for every engineering request

Engineers at Apploi field requests from every team, but for a long time, there wasn't a system to submit them. Now, teams are using Notion to create repeatable templates, standardizing the common process. Bugs, incidents and feature requests have their own forms. Inside of them are unique checklists for how engineers should tackle each request. Processes for surfacing issues and addressing them are run in Notion — saving time, ensuring consistency, and catching all edge cases.

Anyone can create a request for the engineering team.
I'm able to take a process that could be 100 steps, copy it for everyone, and make sure it’s followed.
Chirag Patel
Chirag Patel

Engineers can focus on only their tasks

Where do requests live once they’re made? Every engineer is responsible for specific tasks, and to keep these tasks organized, each engineer has their own Notion homepage where to-do's are accessible anywhere and instantly prioritized.

"Every person has their own page. That's where they need to go. That's all they need to worry about," says CTO Chirag Patel.

Gone are the days of digging through busy Kanban boards and backlogs to get what's needed to complete a task. Now, engineers at Apploi use their personal Notion pages to focus on what's most impactful and what success looks like for their work.

Apploi personal homepage
A customized list of priorities for every engineer.

One roadmap.
Company-wide transparency.

Apploi uses a single database to house tasks for all teams — so everyone can get a bird's eye view of what's going on (if they want). That database contains all the tasks that employees have on their personal pages, too. When an update is made on a personal page, like checking off a task, it's reflected on the team-wide roadmap. No updates. No check-ins. Just organization-wide transparency and project statuses in real-time.

Map illustration
Apploi company roadmap
The roadmap all teams, from marketing to engineering, share for total transparency.
Because of what Notion does for us...we're able to get more work done without calling in product managers.
Chirag Patel
Chirag Patel

A living meeting agenda of only important topics

Apploi's engineering team has a mountain of tasks to complete. So meetings — which would previously run long or meander unproductively — needed to become much more efficient.

Now, engineers use Notion to flag issues throughout the week to be discussed in regular meetings (like the 10:15 a.m. with Chirag, which is a constant).

Whenever and wherever someone tags an issue or topic to be discussed in a meeting, it's automatically added to the upcoming agenda with a single click. And in case something more important pops up, these items can be reorganized on the fly using Notion's drag-and-drop.

Apploi mobile
From any Notion page, engineers tag meeting topics to add them to the agenda.

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