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Notion vs. Guru: which should you choose?

From project management plans to time-saving templates and AI support, Notion offers so much more than information management.

Trusted by leading brands

A connected workspace beloved by millions

Notion is more comprehensive than Guru’s knowledge base. Here’s everything you’ll gain when centralizing your information in a Notion workspace.

Docs and notes
Project management
AI assistant
Brand awareness
Mobile compatibility
Enterprise admin

Notion is rated the best on G2

Notion is rated the best on G2

Notion consistently ranks as the G2 industry leader based on hundreds of customer reviews. But don't take our word for it. Check out G2's comparison for more info.

G2 badges


Ease of use


Ease of admin


Meets requirements


Ease of setup

Our Confluence wiki was a mess. No one knew what was usable. Notion gave us the opportunity to rally around one tool for everyone.

Every feature your team needs

Improve collaboration and communication with centralized docs

Store your documents in a connected workspace that every team member can access. They’ll collaborate and comment on visible docs everyone can share, creating a flexible single source of truth.

Streamline document collaboration for remote teams using Notion

Effectively manage and monitor every project for your team

Notion’s infinitely configurable project management tool allows teams to monitor project progress at every level, from a birds-eye view to the smallest detail. Never miss a task or deadline.

Here's what Notion AI can do for your projects

Save time and create uniform documentation with Notion templates

Notion is for teams that value their time. The platform’s template gallery offers user-friendly solutions for everything from your post-mortem notes to marketing campaign management.

A deliverables tracker helps to organize what needs to happen (and by whom) in order to launch a campaign successfully.

More work gets done with Notion


of users save time with Notion


of users replaced 2+ tools


faster project completion


less emails sent and received

World-class templates to streamline your work

Notion has thousands of templates for different uses – from project management to meeting agendas, team wikis, and CRMs. Using these templates makes getting setup and up-to-speed easier than ever.
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