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Notion vs. Google Docs and Workspace: Why Notion?

Combine the power of Notion’s documentation sharing, customizable templates, and AI assistant to level up your team’s projects.

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Notion’s suite of tools one-ups Google Docs’ features

You know how to use Google Docs to share files. But with Notion, you can collaborate and get a boost from an AI assistant, wikis, and templates.

Google Docs
Project Management
AI Writing
Project Management
Enterprise Admin
Wikis / Knowledge
Issue Tracking

Notion is rated the best on G2

Notion is rated the best on G2

Notion consistently ranks as the G2 industry leader based on hundreds of customer reviews. But don't take our word for it. Check out G2's comparison for more info.

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Ease of use


Ease of admin


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Notion creates focus in a way that I've never seen another product be able to create focus. One of the few places I find solace in the workplace is sitting in front of a blank Notion doc and writing.

Zack Hargett

Product Lead, Loom

Notion is a connected workspace

Notion AI offers inspiration when you can’t find the words

Notion AI goes beyond checking grammar. It writes first drafts, outlines action items, and improves your clarity and tone. Plus it can brainstorm all kinds of ideas if you feel stuck.

Notion has thousands of templates for different uses

From project management to meeting agendas, team wikis, and CRMs, using these templates makes getting set up and up-to-speed easier than ever.

projects templates whats new

Centralize your team’s documents and data with wikis

Build a knowledge base where your team members can easily search for the information or file they need. Notion’s powerful search function brings up your custom wiki results in an instant.

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Get more work done with Notion


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of users replaced 2+ tools


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World-class templates to streamline your work

Notion has thousands of templates for different uses – from project management to meeting agendas, team wikis, and CRMs. Using these templates makes getting setup and up-to-speed easier than ever.

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