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Captivating wedding websites made simple with Zola templates

By Maggie Gowland


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Organizing a wedding is both rewarding and exhausting.

With so many details to consider and endless decisions to make, it may seem like your planning checklist keeps growing even as your wedding date approaches. 

That’s where wedding-focused sites like Zola come in. This online service offers various ways to organize relevant guest information in a centralized hub, helping you coordinate your milestone event without becoming overwhelmed. 

And your life gets even easier when you start with a Zola template, using a tried-and-true outline that you can quickly customize to bring your vision to life.

Whether you're a couple planning your nuptials or an event planner seeking the best tools, this curated guide is your ticket to crafting a wedding site that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

What’s Zola?

Zola is an all-inclusive online wedding planning and registry platform that offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services to simplify the preparation process. 

A wedding website lets you share everything your guests need to know before the big day — like your wedding venue, schedule, and travel information. And Zola's website builder allows you to create a stunning digital space to consolidate this information and helps you manage other key planning elements, like your guest list, honeymoon info, and wedding registry.

When you have long to-do lists at work or a busy personal calendar, consolidating your wedding planning saves valuable time and ensures no detail falls through the cracks. Zola can neatly keep your wedding planning separate from your normal responsibilities to help you preserve some mental clarity. If you're looking for the best free wedding websites to organize your big day, Zola is a great place to start.

How to choose a wedding template

Wedding website templates are pre-designed layouts and themes for your page. They help you get started when you’re looking at an empty canvas, saving you time and effort while making your site look polished and professional.

With so many options to consider, keep in mind some key factors to guide and narrow down your search:

  • Wedding color palette — if cohesion is important to you, your wedding colors will play a significant role in setting your website's tone. Selecting a template that complements your chosen palette will neatly tie your website to your wedding-day aesthetic.

  • Theme — wedding templates often represent different themes, from classic to modern and rustic to elegant. Select a theme that aligns with your wedding style and personality as a couple.

  • Paper suite — this refers to the digital representation of your wedding invitations, RSVP cards, and other stationery. Opt for templates that allow customizations to match your paper suite.

  • Wedding photoshoot — to include high-quality images on your wedding site, choose a template that saves space for showcasing your engagement photos and other cherished moments.

  • Mobile responsiveness — most guests will navigate your site on a smartphone and tablet. Ensure your template is fully mobile-responsive, providing a seamless and visually appealing experience on all devices. Mobile responsiveness lets your guests easily access important information, respond to your invitation, and view photos from the convenience of their phones.

Integration with planning tools — consider how well the template integrates with other planning tools and platforms you may be using, such as Notion's digital wedding planner resources. Compatibility with third-party apps and tools can simplify tasks like tracking RSVPs, managing your seating chart, and sharing updates with guests.

The top 10 Zola wedding website templates

Here's a curated selection of Zola's best designs so you don't have to scroll through never-ending template lists. Let these designs spark your creativity and help you create a wedding website that reflects your unique style.

1. Napa

Napa is perfect for couples seeking a chic and timeless design. Its clean lines and classical layout make it ideal for traditional weddings, with an aesthetic that complements a classic, formal wedding or an elegant outdoor affair. The template offers:

  • Customizable color schemes

  • Easy navigation

  • An integrated RSVP management system

2. Verona

With its Serif fonts and black and white palette, Verona offers a bold and elegant design with a touch of classic charm. Its font-focused design makes it great for literary couples and lovers of typography. The template stands out for its:

  • Unique fonts

  • Customizable banners

  • Integrated photo gallery

3. Violin

Violin focuses on simplicity and functionality. It boasts a modern and minimalist design, perfect for couples who prefer a clean look to complement a more contemporary wedding. Its features include:

  • Parallax scrolling

  • Video integration

  • Easy-to-use navigation

4. Abbey

Abbey suggests timeless elegance with its vintage look, making it ideal for couples planning a traditional event or retro-themed wedding. The template offers:

  • Vintage fonts

  • An integrated wedding registry

  • A built-in countdown timer

5. Woads

Woads offers a vibrant floral design that’s perfect for those who want to make a bold statement and infuse romanticism into their wedding website. Its aesthetic would complement an elegant yet lively event, and it offers:

  • Vibrant color options

  • Unique animations

  • An integrated wedding registry

6. Cruise

Cruise is a tropic-inspired site design that’s casual and breezy, making it perfect for destination or beach-themed weddings. It includes:

  • Beachfront imagery

  • A map for location details

  • A wedding party introduction page

7. Waterfront

Waterfront offers a tranquil design, evoking a sense of calm and relaxation that would pair well with lakeside or garden weddings. Features include:

  • A calming color palette

  • An easy-to-use functional design

  • A built-in countdown timer

8. Octavia

Octavia celebrates nature and the great outdoors with an artistic edge. Its earthy design makes it perfect for rustic and outdoor weddings, and it includes:

  • A natural color scheme

  • Rustic fonts

  • An integrated photo gallery

9. Avila

Avila offers a modern and clean design focusing on simplicity and elegance. Its color palette makes it a great choice for couples with black and white photos to showcase. Its features include:

  • A minimalist aesthetic

  • Clean typography

  • A mobile-friendly design

10. Meadowlark

Meadowlark embraces a botanical and floral design, making it an excellent choice for nature lovers planning a garden or countryside wedding. It offers:

  • Floral patterns

  • Customizable flower arrangements

  • A garden-inspired layout

Stress-free wedding planning with Notion

After choosing a Zola wedding website template, look to Notion's library of flexible resources to continue streamlining your wedding preparation. These include an alternate wedding planner to arrange tasks and budget, a complete wedding planning organizer, and a minimalist wedding invitation template for your guest list.

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