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Notion scales for companies of all sizes

By David Tibbitts


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How we work, who we work with, and what we work on constantly evolves. But most tools we use to actually do the work can’t quickly adapt to the real world changes people and teams go through. Growing companies need the flexibility to change how work gets done and organized as they scale.

Notion’s modular building blocks are one of its hallmarks—companies like Pixar, Figma, and Headspace use them to create custom workspaces to solve their most pressing problems. Now, we’re investing even more heavily into these capabilities with one of our biggest updates yet.

Introducing: teamspaces

When successful companies grow quickly, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up the momentum—especially when information becomes fractured across multiple sources. When teams use separate tools to plan and execute, employees start spending more time tracking down the context they need to get work done. “Status update” meetings get scheduled. And precious little time remains to do the work itself.

Now, companies of all sizes can use a single Notion workspace to keep every team in lockstep. Teamspaces function like mini-workspaces, all under the same roof. Every teamspace can be configured with custom permissions, security settings and membership to meet the needs of cross-functional departments, working groups, long-term projects and more. And every employee can curate their view of their company’s workspace, joining and leaving teamspaces based on what’s relevant to their role and priorities.

New controls for enterprise admins

IT specialists, security teams, program managers—these are the heroes behind the curtain, ensuring everyone has access to the tools they need to be productive, and that those tools are well-maintained and have the security controls the organization needs. With them in mind, we set out to make Notion much easier to deploy and manage at scale.

  • New membership admin and workspace owner roles ensure that every employee has the appropriate level of access to workspace security settings & billing

  • Workspace owners can customize who should be able to create additional Notion instances using their verified domain

  • When employees leave the company, workspace owners can re-assign their content to ensure nothing goes missing

  • Even more admin tools are coming soon: workspace analytics, more powerful domain management, and much more

  • We’re further investing in SAML SSO, SCIM, and audit log to better meet the needs of growing companies, with customer feedback informing every design

Redesigned search experience

Whether you’re on a team of 5 or 5,000, it should be easy to find the context you need to get your work done. Notion’s redesigned search experience is 40-50% faster, returns more accurate results thanks to our new search engine tech, and includes new filters to narrow the scope of your search to a specific teamspace, page, creator, and more.

This latest version, Notion 2.18, will be rolling out to all team workspaces in late August to mid September. We hope these new features help to bring every team at your company together, in a comfortable and focused place where you can do your best work.


How can I use Notion with my team?

Companies of all sizes use Notion to get organized, and keep teams on the same page. Many customers get started by building an internal knowledge base—a single source of truth where employees across every team can easily find process docs, meeting notes, HR benefits and more.

In Notion, your docs & wiki live alongside important workflows, all in the same tool. Modular building blocks and templates can be configured to meet the needs of every team, including:

  • OKR tracking

  • Employee onboarding

  • Product roadmaps

  • Sprint planning

  • Powerful integrations with GitHub, Jira & more

For even more examples of how our customers use Notion, visit

Are there templates for using Notion at work?

Our template gallery ( features pre-built setups from folks across our global community, as well as the Notion team. Duplicate into your workspace in just one click, then customize however you need to fit your team.

Here are a few of our favorite templates for using Notion at work—these are real life workflows used by our customers!

I don’t see any teamspaces in my sidebar, or my sidebar looks broken.

Sorry for the trouble! There are a few reasons why you may not see the new teamspaces sidebar yet:

  • Workspaces with a Personal Plan or Personal Pro Plan subscription do not have a sidebar with teamspaces, since they can only have one member. Visit to learn more about our Team Plan & Enterprise Plan.

  • Your app may be out of date. To see when your app last updated, click the (?) at the bottom right on desktop, or tap “Help & feedback” in your sidebar if you’re on mobile. A quick Ctrl/cmd + R should refresh your app and get you on the latest version, or you may need to download the latest app version if you’re on mobile.

  • Teamspaces is rolling out slowly, from late August - mid September 2022. If you don’t see it yet, you will soon!

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