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New office, same mission: Engineering Notion's future in Hyderabad

By Chaitanya Narra

Hyderabad Site Lead

Last week Notion’s Hyderabad team moved into new offices in booming HITEC City. To mark the occasion, Notinos in traditional Indian attire toured the new space, then enjoyed a special lunch followed by dinner at a nearby restaurant.

But between lunch and dinner we worked. We’re still Notion, after all. We have a lot to get done.

Notion’s history in India began in August 2021 when we acquired Automate, a local company specializing in API integrations. Automate’s 30-person team became our first engineering hub outside the U.S. Since then the office has grown to 50, and our numbers will keep rising. Our focus remains on the 3 I’s — imports, integrations, and ingestion. But we’re building other teams too, including QA, customer experience, monetization, and infrastructure. Interested in joining us? Read more about working for Notion from the people who know it best.

Anu finds the new space comfortable and inspiring

Our new office is absolutely inviting and wonderful. I love the open space, the comfy chairs, the Legoland space, the adjustable worktables. But the breathtaking view of the sunset through massive windows has to be the standout feature!

Akshay is proud to put the ‘connected’ in Notion's “connected workspace”

Notion is “the connected workspace where better, faster work happens,” and the Hyderabad engineering team is responsible for putting the ‘connected’ in that tagline. We’re the glue between Notion and all types of external data. And as a very small team, it’s a great opportunity to be part of this crew and make a huge impact.

Monica loves the creatively curated bookshelf art

My favorite part of the new office is the bookshelves that greet you as you come in. They’re curated around local artisans and crafts, and I think that says something great about Notion.

Mir likes being part of an empowered, close-knit team

I get to work with talented and motivated Notinos who keep raising the bar and love going the extra mile to deliver beautiful, well-crafted experiences. Best of all, we’re autonomous and empowered. Working at an Indian engineering hub often means lots of late-night calls with other time zones. But our teams works independently, which lets us devise hybrid schedules to suit our personal lives.

Ayaz appreciates the benefits

Notion offers free lunches each day from a range of local restaurants, all expenses reimbursed for commuting, a considerable grant for learning and development, and a host of other allowances for personal wellness. We feel that the company really cares about us!

Soumya moved from Bangalore and likes the warm office vibe

Initially, relocating to Hyderabad from Bangalore was scary, and it was a really small group when I joined. But we’re growing fast, and it’s been great building connections with new friends and learning from all these amazing people. I’m loving the new office vibe!

Jaswanth is drawn to the outings that make teammates feel like family

Notion has a spirit of unity where each member cares for others, creating an environment like a family. I particularly enjoy the vibe of the events organized by our incredible environment team. Card-making for Valentine's Day was a lot of fun. I loved how we celebrated Holi in our office and the lunch on Onam festival was awesome. The Diwali decoration was simply superb.

Notion aspires to be a company that empowers all our employees to do the best and most meaningful work of their careers. Our new Hyderabad office is designed to do just that. We'll hope to see you there.

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