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We’ve got a new CRO — welcome Olivia!

By Ivan Zhao

Co-founder & CEO

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Just like the Notion product is made up of unique blocks, our company is made up of unique people. We’ve grown a ton this year, with more people everywhere in the world using Notion to solve all kinds of problems with tools they’ve built themselves. That wouldn’t have been possible without all the teammates who joined us, paving the way for our next phase of growth. Now, we’re ready to take our next big step.

That’s why I’m so happy to introduce Olivia Nottebohm — our new (and first ever!) Chief Revenue Officer.

Notion has spread around the world pretty organically through word of mouth, with all the amazing folks in our community sharing templates, teaching courses, and posting their creations. We want to keep earning this type of excitement every day. Our top goal is to keep building Notion into the kind of company, and the kind of product, that provides a ton of value to businesses, individuals, and our community globally. Olivia is the perfect leader for this road ahead.

Multiple times in her career, she's helped products connect with hundreds of millions of users. First, at McKinsey, she grew into a partner role in their technology practice, helping companies of all sizes succeed. Then she joined Google Cloud — which at the time felt more like a startup itself — to scale its enterprise and SMB businesses. And most recently, as COO of Dropbox, she helped build an organization and audience around a product beloved by consumers and companies alike. She's seen the massive impact made by community, and is excited to grow it.

This is all to say that Olivia’s been there — she sees the blocks and knows how to put them together. She has all the experience needed to take Notion to 1 billion users and beyond.

As our CRO, I know she'll help level up not just our business but how we all work together, with her blend of knowledge, warmth, and rigor. We often say, "Revenue is a resource." We see it as a vital tool for us to deliver on our mission and make better toolmaking accessible to all.

What made Olivia the perfect choice for us is how committed she already is to this mission. In every conversation, we talked about helping people shape tools to solve their problems, and how important it is to make that a ubiquitous reality — not just for certain types of teams, but for everyone.

I can't wait for Olivia to join us on this journey. And thank you, reader, for being here with us too. Many exciting things to come!


Co-founder & CEO

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