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This branding framework made Netflix a household name

By Andrea Lim


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Netflix started as a DVD rental company. Now it's the number one streaming service in the world. Pivoting their brand 180 degrees was no small feat — and former Netflix VP of Product Gib Biddle knows how hard it seems from the outside. "A lot of people are intimidated by branding," says Gib. "They think, 'I'm not an artist, I'm not a writer. I can't come up with something.'"

But defining your brand is an essential exercise if you don't want your company to get lost in the noise. Gib's branding framework, one that made Netflix the world-class brand it is today, breaks down the process step-by-step so anyone can build one for their company.

Now, you can try his framework as a Notion template — by the end of the template, you'll crystallize what makes your product unique and how to communicate it.

Prompts that generate concrete deliverables

This template serves as both worksheet and guide. You can answer the questions in the blank spaces on the left, with Gib's advice on the right. There's no need to prepare an agenda — just work through the template from top to bottom, and by the end, you'll have a full branding framework.

Reference real examples from top-tier brands

Describing what your company stands for can feel like you're trying to bottle air. To give you something to work off of, Gib also includes real examples from real companies.

Help the whole company tell the same story

Once you've filled out all the sections, the template collects your answers into a nicely formatted one-pager automatically. Your messy notes can stay in the main doc, while the rest of the company can reference the overview. Messaging changes over time, so whenever you update any part of the framework, this overview page will update as well — you'll never need to worry about keeping multiple versions consistent.

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